Deploy & manage apps at the edge in minutes.

Deploy, orchestrate & operate containerized microservice apps from the cloud to remote servers & edge devices.

Healthcare, autonomous vehicle and manufacturing edge applications

Spend your time building your business, leave the edge infrastructure headaches to us.

Why edge?

Edge benefit-lower operating costs
Reduced operating costs
Edge benefit-real-time analytics
Real-time analytics
Edge benefit-Low latency
Low latency
Edge benefit-security
Improved security
Edge benefit-business continuity
Business continuity
Edge benefit-scalability

Get to market faster with Edgeworx Cloud™.

Instant edge network, enterprise ready.

Leverage the cloud skills your team already has to bootstrap an edge network and deploy microservices to remote devices in minutes.

  • No server setup required
  • No Edge training needed
  • Prototype to production
  • UI, CLI, API
screenshots of Edgeworx Cloud Portal and edgectl

It just works… on any network.

No set up of servers, VPNs, tunneling or pretty much anything.
Screenshot-add node
Easily create multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, multi-tier, edge-to-edge topologies with no open ports, no VPNs, no NAT tunnels.
screenshot- Keyless SSH
Securely access your remote servers and devices without the headache of VPNs and SSH keys.
screenshot detail- Port Broker
Drastically simplify accessibility by routing data the way you want using Edgeworx Port Broker™.

Universal deployment:
One build, many devices, same codebase.

  • Supports Linux Debian or Ubuntu devices
  • Deploy containerized apps anywhere
  • No need to alter the codebase
Docker + Edgeworx + Linux artwork
Examples of some linux devices that work with Edgeworx Cloud

Works the way you do.

Works with your enterprise infrastructure.

Streamline your CI/CD workflow, enhance productivity and increase collaboration by directly accessing your enterprise pipeline assets.

  • Azure devops
  • GitLab
  • Jenkins
  • Circle CI
  • and more
Edgeworx Cloud can ingest data from your favorite devops pipeline

Route data directly between microservices so it only goes where it needs to.

Move your data from one microservice to another on a secure private internet with our edge data plane.

  • Create an instant gated community for data
  • Tailor your data’s journey with microservice to microservice communication
  • Built-in security filtering
Diagram showing data routing between microservices. In this example and autonomous vehicle has crashed and it routes the vehicle data to the manufacturer and the passenger health data to emergency services
screenshots of Edgeworx Cloud APIs

Fully featured REST APIs.

Unlock the power of your entire edge project effortlessly with REST APIs. Seamlessly access nodes, apps, and microservices, simplifying management and unleashing your project’s full potential.

Scalable, secure, private.

Own your data.

Edgeworx Cloud is architected from the ground up to ensure that you have full control over your data from capture through processing, storage and retrieval. Increase security and efficiency by processing your data at the edge and only sending what you need to the cloud.

Diagram of Edgeworx Cloud architecture feature the data plane and control planes

“Edgeworx excludes all needs for proxies, dynamic dnses, etc. … to route data to a virtual machine which is contained in another virtual machine without this tool is hell.”

Bakhman Nurnazarov,

“Edgeworx allowed us to focus our efforts on developing the software necessary to run our lab operations, rather than just focus on managing our edge nodes!”

Erin Lewis, Senior Software Engineer, Robotics Integrations, Strateos

“Our developers were able to go from concept to pilot in just a few weeks. This would not have been possible before Edgeworx”

Carl Krupitzer, Cofounder and CEO of ThingLogix
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